Economic Empowerment

We mobilize tech resources and grant to create collateral funds, build a Microfinancing education and income generation business co-operative supporting the family, the unemployed graduates and household families of entrepreneurs groups with a microcredit fund in order to promote financial autonomy, education, health and nutrition of the children they have adopted. Thanks to the microfinance fund for self-development, families of homeless people run a business generating income that allows them to send their children to school, to cover the costs of all essential human needs.

Child Protection through Education

We strengthen child protection commission and the school’s rehabilitation, building classrooms and provide quality education to the children, and training to the teachers, as mean for promoting the early childhood protection and the global care.  Most of the street children, orphan child, and other vulnerable group need supporters and conform. Legal aid, psychosocial support, counseling, healing, and shelter. They also need foods, quality healthcare, and play, home entertainment for joy, much more. ASASS provide above needs to children and parents or partner in doing so.

Health and Well being

ASASS link every patient, especially teenage girls, pregnant and nursing mothers and their children, with local health care systems (public, private hospitals, medical centers and clinics) by email, mobile phone and by on-site visit. Our service provide them with counselling, psychosocial assistance and mobilising funds to cover costs for those services and buy a Health care card gifts for patients who cannot afford it. Further, we provide members of the community with training workshops, technical support and online services that maximizes participation for volunteers and those we offer our service to.

Our mission

Saving lives and bring communities and people what they need today, tomorrow, and in the future.

ASASS seeks to break the cycle of poverty and create projects that foster economic sustainability and growth. We focus on early childhood care, growth, education, child protection, medical assistance, food security and nutrition, teenage training, and HIV prevention.

Our Projects

We support educational efforts and make direct interventions, improving access to knowledge and resources for schoolchildren, adolescent girls, women, and their families, and communities as a whole.

Upcoming Events

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Our Causes

6th “Back to School” donation

We need your sponsorship to buy notebooks, uniforms, shoes, backpacks for 10 children to go to school next month.
$0 of $660 raised

Teenage training in pregnancy reduction and HIV prevention

Help us enable a workshop to discuss pregnancy and HIV among girls, parents, and school leaders.
$0 of $196 raised

Sewing machines for refugee women with physical disabilities

Help us buying five sewing machines to provide clothes-making jobs to eight women with physical disabilities.
$0 of $400 raised

Our Blog

Volunteer Testimonial

Once in a lifetime opportunity! - Vedansh Sahu, Web Developer

Vedansh Sahu My name is Vedansh Sahu (From India), I am volunteering at ASASS for about three months (July 2019 to present). I am working alongside the ASASS Web Developer, my responsibility includes the creation of new pages, implementation of plugins and SEO. I love being part of ASASS. I love helping people as much as I can, It makes me feel like a better person, it’s great to know and work with volunteers from different parts of the world. Thank you ASASS for this Opportunity, you are doing an incredible job!

Vedansh Sahu
ASASS Web Developer / ASASS Organisation

The Best Experience I ever had!

My name is Frozan Mohammadi (from Afghanistan), and I am volunteering at ASASS about three months (March – May 2019). I am working alongside the ASASS Web Developer and Manager, and simply loved everything about ASASS. I update and manage the ASASS website. Most of all, what I loved is the experience that I gained by knowing such lovely people; all volunteer from different countries. Thank you ASASS for everything, you are all doing an incredible and important job!

Frozan Mohammadi
ASASS Web Developer and Manager / ASASS Organization
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