Alexia’s Story: How going back to school made this little girl happy!

Alexia is a young orphaned girl who lives with her five siblings and her aging mother. Her father is dead and her mother’s income is not enough to allow Alexia to attend school. With no money to cover her education expenses, Alexia was forced to stay home and was being stripped of her future. But her life was about to change.

Thanks to the generosity of our donors, Alexia was granted a scholarship and was enrolled at Jeancka Nursery School, in Kamenge, in grade 1. “It is a life-changing event that happened to her”, her mother said, “For the last two terms Alexia was able to go back to school. We are very thankful to our supporters and most grateful to God”.

Alexia has been given the chance to have a brighter future. She received the scholarship and she was able to attend the 2013/2104 school year. A sum of $1350 was invested to pay for her admission fees at Jeancka School. In order to guarantee her the right conditions to study, the scholarship also covered school material, school lunches and home support – a small sum given to her mother to buy dresses and other bare necessities.

Since she started attending school, Alexia is much happier and cheerful. She rejoices in learning new things and spending her time socialising with the other school kids. She does not cry anymore and her siblings say it is a blessing to see her wake up every morning so eager to go to school.

Alexia’s scholarship, however, was just enough to cover also the 2015/2016 tuition fees, which were paid in September 2015. Now we are left with $600 to take care of her. At end of this school year, Alexia’s funds will be finished and she’s at risk of dropping out from school again. This is why we are looking for donors and sponsors who could support Alexia and help her to continue studying. We want to give her hope and keep see her smiling when she wakes up.

Why ASASS scholarship programme is so important

Alexia is just one of the many children in Burundi who cannot attend school in spite of being extremely intelligent and eager to learn. Barred by their families’ poor income, which is not enough to pay for school materials and tuition fees, they are de facto excluded from the education system.

Fair access to education is crucial at this early age: if children cannot complete their primary education cycle, they will not be able to access higher education or any kind of qualified jobs. In most cases, this bounds them to live in poverty and, once they become adults, their incomes will not be sufficient to provide for themselves and their families.

How we administrate our scholarship funds

The ASASS organization’s core value is to ensure transparency in all our dealings and to our stakeholders. When we receive funds for the scholarship programme, we identify a child who is urgent needs and allocate the funds to him or her, like we did with Alexia. The fund is thus used to support the child while ASASS looks for alternative sponsors or donations. Alexia was sponsored with the programme funds for the past school terms.

When we find a new sponsor for the child, we use the sponsorship to cover the child’s education costs and refund what we have spent on him or her to the scholarship account, so that we can use it for another child who still needs help.

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