Firmin, friends of the children in Burundi

ASASS knows that in order to save and protect a child’s life and there must be truly committed people to this work. Firmin MANIRAKIZA is the Director of the Programs  Technical Commission in ASASS, and also chairs the Committee for the Protection of Children’s Rights in Burundi-Bujumbura, in Buterere commune.

ASASS is experienced in fighting for orphans and vulnerable children through different programs. Firmin has been working in some of these programs carrying out various tasks, for example increasing awareness and informing about the dangers of precocious marriage and STIs, including HIV, to over 90 young teenagers girls, and helping over 30 orphans and young girls to find tutor families. ASASS and his team are determined to promote the rights of the children and their wellbeing.

Also, in addition to leading the commission and chairing our protection committee, Firmin is a contributor in increasing awareness of the ASASS non-profit ”Umwana Ni Uwabose” from Butere commune.

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