Four people whose lives have been changed by ASASS

The CIA World Factbook places Burundi as one of the poorest countries in the world.  The ASASS Microloans Scheme aims to help sustain community members who otherwise can’t support themselves or their families. It does this by targeting marginalized people who do not otherwise qualify for loans from financial institutions. Predominantly, this includes women without land and without collateral.

For nearly all the women involved, this has changed their lives and the lives of their families. We would like to introduce you to four women whose lives have been changed because of the ASASS Microloans scheme.

Charlotte Munezero

With help from the microloans credit scheme, Charlotte Munezero has managed to setup a stall selling fish and tomatoes. This has made a real difference for her family, with her four children now being able to attend secondary school. Charlotte has also managed to buy a bicycle to help with her work and a bed with a mattress to help her get some well-deserved rest.


Even a roof over their heads is something Bellancine and her family had, for a long time, been without. The ASASS Microloan scheme meant that she was able to set-up a tailoring business. With profits from her business, she and her children can now afford to live in a small house in the town.


For Patricia and her three children, school is a luxury. The microloans support scheme has meant that she can send one of her three children to school. With a higher loan, she’ll be able to send her two other children as well; allowing her to invest in the future of her family.


The past three years have, for Fabiol, been life-changing and in some cases, life-saving. The ASASS Microloans Scheme has meant that she, her husband and their four children are now able to support themselves through their successful business selling rice, fish and beans.

The ASASS Microloans Scheme is designed to help give futures to families who otherwise don’t have any. Just small donations to the scheme can create a ripple effect. Your support doesn’t just help one family but potentially thousands.

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