A mover, shaker, change maker and a peacemaker

Meet Nzigamasabo Léonidas. He’s a volunteer, who has been working with ASASS since 2016. He believes in what ASASS stands for, and wants to help achieve the goals which we’ve all be working towards. He doesn’t work exclusively with ASASS, but has helped bring together many different organizations and groups, in order to work towards the goal of education.

Nzigamasabo’s desire is ‘to work for and with humanity, especially young people’. Having previously majored as an industrial Engineer in Electromechanical sciences, he feels he has a lot to bring to the table as a volunteer. He’s ready to help people who need it. The Educational DVDs are just a part of that. Nzigamasabo has also been involved as a country Representative for World Merit (www.worldmerit.org ), and the Operations Director of an Africa Social Innovation Incubator called the Innova Group (www.innova4africa.com). ASASS is just the beginning.

Being a volunteer with ASASS has helped him to bring diverse projects and organizations together, and direct his attention towards the future. It has helped him to increase his network, develop his skills, and provided him with the inspiration he needs to go out and change the world.

‘I really appreciate how ASASS impacted the community and the people of East African Communities, particularly in Burundi. By allowing them to operate… their efforts would be strengthened to achieve their vision and mission’ he says.

What about the Thare Machi Education DVDs?

Most recently, he’s been on the trail with ASASS and Thare Machi, to help share educational DVD’s with groups and people from around Burundi. The last location Nzigamasabo was in was Gitaza, where many crowded around a Television set to learn about health, safety, and more.

If you remember back to March, we mentioned how the Thare Machi educational DVDs were translated and recorded by volunteers. They cover a range of different topics, from safe sex to information on water safety and nutrition. Their primary purpose is to help aid in developing sustainability in smaller communities of people who don’t have access to educational services. The topics look at issues which affect the lives of the people in these communities. They are relevant, helpful, and important.

“Education doesn’t just mean teaching skills or crafts, it also means creating a better world for this generation and future generations.” The DVDs aim to help teach these communities how to improve their living conditions and deal with things they otherwise don’t know about.

The response from those who have watched the DVDs has been overwhelmingly positive.

Every contribution helps

Nzigamasabo Léonidas has been just one part of the chain which led to the successes shown by the education DVD project. Whilst he was an important link in the chain, there are many more individuals and groups to give our thanks to.

As ASASS projects continue to grow, we need to say thank you to you, as well. Our donors have helped to make projects like these a reality. With your help, we’ll continue to be able to expand in the future. If you haven’t already, make sure to check out our other projects and see what else we’re trying to get moving.

Thank you for your help,

The ASASS team.

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  1. miburo felicien

    Taking into consideration your mission of saving burundian people who are in struggle way of live ;i may ask a quetion myself :is it possible to transfom a stone in water? If Yes i encourage to work hard in the way of saving people and bring hope to them .we live saying that there is no our own country because of helplessness .i am ready to join you

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