Murengeza Health Center

We have been working on providing a new permanent Health Center for Burundians.
asass-health-center- Burundi

Project C.U.R.E

Medical Equipment and supplies are desperately in need in Burundi. In order to supply this necessity, we have teamed up with Project C.U.R.E.
Kanyosha Community Health Center

Kanyosha Community Health Center (KCHC)

KCHC provides vital health services to Burundians, like medical consultations, treatment, and counseling.

Orphanage Center

Child Care, Education and Development source and care for the homeless and impoverished orphan’s children in Burundi.

University Foundation (UF)

UF it seeks to reduce the distance to schools, to develop student loans and scholarships to prevent students from dropping out.

Village Loans and Saving Groups

Village Loans and Savings Groups project aims to ensure a Sustainable Livelihoods through Micro Credits and Saving Services and Training cooperatives for their members.

Community Development Centre

Income generation activities to empower families that includes agriculture, food sales, and restaurant management.

Community Schools

A training program for teachers and education of children from an early age.

Tailoring Skill Workshops

Designed to help victims of domestic violence, at-risk youth, returning-refugee widows and those who suffer from disabilities.
ASASS Burundi Listeners clubs

Listeners Clubs

They are a way for locals to discuss important issues and understand how they belong within the community as a whole.