Community Schools

Community Schools (CS) projects are a training program for teachers and education of children from an early age. We build classrooms and learn more about ASASS’ kindergarten schools. The plan is to add new classrooms each year until we reach university levels. Our program reaches to over 200 orphans and disadvantaged children, particularly minorities, returning refugees, orphans and young girls supported in 3 schools while the education long-term goal is to support more than 1,000,000 disadvantaged children per year to go to school by buying them school materials offering them with good classrooms, higher qualified teachers and quality learning materials and resources with great system of School management.¬†

How you can help

You can donate for sponsorships or scholarships to pay teachers’ salaries, to rent a classroom, to pay for electricity, to renovate schools, to buy school materials, or build a residence for teachers and staff. We accept a partnership on that project and promote a cultural exchange of teachers and students for experiential learning. Teacher or lecturers can help with Administration and/or train teachers or students.


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