Kanyosha Community Health Center (KCHC)

The Kanyosha Community Health Center (KCHC) provides vital services to those in Burundi who are otherwise left with nothing.

Medical consultations, treatment and Counselling are just the beginning. The KCHC works to increase access to Immunization (EPI), Improve Maternal and Child Health Care (MCH) and aid locals in preventing malnutrition and increase life expectancy.  The center’s efforts have enabled thousands of rural children to be immunised and women to be screened for cervical cancer, diabetes, malnutrition, Tuberculosis, and HIV.

How You Can Help

Besides helping with daily running costs, making sure that the pharmacy is suitably stocked and ensuring that adequate care can be supplied, the KCHC is looking to expand and improve its equipment. This includes hospital beds, a clean water tank, an ambulance and lab equipment. To do this, we’re hoping to raise $78,610.

Any help or donations you can spare for the people of Burundi is greatly appreciated.