Murengeza Health Center

To keep up with Burundi’s need for health services, we have been working on providing a new Health Center for locals. Whilst there is currently a health center in operation, unfortunately, this is just a rented space. The new Health Center will provide a permanent refuge for Burundians seeking aid.

ASASS have already identified suitable land and are working with United Nations experts to design and build an appropriate center. The proposed health centre can be seen below. It contains three primary buildings, which aim to address the three main areas of health care which the center hopes to provide: transmissible disease aid, blood and clinical testing and maternity support. There is also a building designed to house volunteers.

How You Can Help

In order to make this a reality, the KCHC needs to raise $97,000. This money will go towards purchasing land, building resources and employing local contractors to build the center. This is currently ASASS’s biggest project and we hope to have a center together and functional by the end of 2020.

Also make sure to visit the Kanyosha Community Health Center (KCHC) page for other ways to help with health care in Burundi!