Project C.U.R.E

In 2004, it was estimated that there were only 5 doctors, 28 nurses, and 1 pharmacist per 100,000 people. Whilst these numbers have gone up, the equipment they have to work with has not. Medical Equipment and supplies are desperately in need in Burundi.

In order to supply this necessity, we have teamed up with Project C.U.R.E. Project C.U.R.E is the largest provider of donated medical supplies and equipment to developing countries around the world. They have also been ranked by Forbes as one of the 20 Most Efficient Large U.S. Charities.

Project C.U.R.E offers Burundian doctors and nurses a future with access the Medical Equipment they need, instead of having to rely on outdated and improper tools to save people’s lives. This project will help supply the Kanyosha Community Health Center and the upcoming Murengeza Community Health Center, so that they can provide care and services to those who require it most.

How You Can Help

We are looking to raise $24,000. This will help to provide Project C.U.R.E with enough money to provide a needs assessment and then to have available medical supplies sent to Burundi.

For each $1 spent by you, it is estimated that $20 worth of medical supplies can be sent.

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