University Foundation (UF)

University Foundation (UF) is very important for the generations and the nations. The poor level of education of people in Burundi and the low attendance to the tertiary education levels are two main routes of poverty, the conflicts, and human right violence. Insufficiency of higher education infrastructures makes children walk for a long distance, which makes them drop out of school. Also, higher education is not affordable for the most vulnerable children – minorities, indigent or orphans, and refugees – lead to total exclusion.

Few vocational institutes were also established in countries like Burundi to empower people on job skills. A student stop studies beyond primary and secondary schools due to above kind of poverty and social injustices.

University Foundation is a solution; it seeks to reduce the distance to schools, to develop student loans and scholarships to prevent students from dropping out. It aims to improve access to quality education at all levels and produce qualified human resources to work not only in ASASS programmes but also serve the countries. Through scholarships, student loans, and vocational training, the Foundation will enable students to get bachelor degrees, master, and doctorate degrees. Job career will also be made available in ASASS programmes as well as in other communities organizations and societies. We focus on serving the most disadvantaged students, developing credits for Education and building Campus Networks across the world. We build classrooms, furnishing them, training teachers and providing scholarships to students in developing countries who face unexpected financial problems, irrespective of their race, sex or religion, the funding and support during the final stages of their degree courses.