Village Loans and Saving Groups

Village Loans and Saving Groups (VLSGs), is one of the top priority programs of ASASS in its operational communities to ensure a Sustainable Livelihoods through Micro Credits and Saving Services and Training cooperatives for their members, the VLS Cooperative will give the families living at the poor levels, a sustainable mean for earning income to better live dignified living conditions by providing micro-loans to start micro-business activities to generate income and also do agribusiness for addressing issues on foods insecurity, self-sustainability as we also address social, economic, and environmental, trees planting, nutrition intake, and ICT gaps in their communities. Through VLSGs program of ASASS empowers adults on the Credits Union value, through alphabetization and entrepreneurship skills needed for people who need the foundation for their life. We offer families who have children with ages to go to school, with the technical assistance in building small businesses.